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End-to-End Control of Your Email

End-to-End Control of Your Email

Mobile Security Basics

MRK Technologies delivers the smart, customized IT solutions that help our customers maintain their competitive advantage—and drive their success.

Based in Cleveland, Ohio, we pride ourselves in servicing all of our client’s needs; ranging from large Fortune 500 companies to regional organizations across all vertical markets.  In doing so, we provide functional technology and security where your business needs it most: in network integrity and performance, data management, backup, storage, DR, security reporting and compliance.  At MRK, we help you put technology to work; incorporating secure, global data management solutions and cost reduction strategies that work to improve your operational efficiency and boost profits.

Pat Catan’s is particularly appreciative of MRK Tech’s consultative partnership. The MRK Tech team consistently shares critical market and industry insights which is helpful when solving business challenges. When we are in the process of finding solutions to our business problems we know what we are up against because MRK Tech is up on current trends, technologies, and solutions.
Jim Petkunas, VP Technology, Pat Catan’s