Enterprise Cloud Solutions

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Enterprise Cloud Solutions

Cloud Storage that Make Sense

Customers are looking to lower the cost of IT management. They seek to achieve faster time to value and get guaranteed business outcomes and service levels for their applications and workloads, no matter how they develop them – it may be within a traditional IT infrastructure, a DevOps architecture or some type of combination.

MRK offers solutions from multiple vendors like Hitachi Vantara, Nutanix and Quantum to meet these requirements and minimize risk. Whether you want to use your current Cloud Provider (Azure, AWS and others) MRK has a solution to enable your business cloud initiatives.

Cloud Solutions can range from:

  • Business Critical Applications
  • Test and Dev Environments
  • Long term Archive
  • Backup and Disaster Recovery
  • Cloud Solutions offer the flexibility to have data available anywhere at anytime

Featured Partners:

mrk partner commvault
mrk partner nutanix
mrk partner purestorage
mrk partner quantum

Customer Spotlight


MRK regularly makes us aware of new trends and technologies while maintaining an extremely low pressure approach. While we may not always need to purchase the latest and greatest, we enjoy adding to our portfolio of knowledge and appreciate MRK’s long-term approach towards developing our relationship.

Howard Griffith
Sunshine Communities

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