Advanced Malware Detection & Protection

Advanced Malware Detection & Protection2018-10-02T23:02:33+00:00

Detect, Analyze and Resolve Security Incidents

Keep Your Network Secure

A network can be infected by malware from any number of point sources: email attachments, phishing links, executable links, and more. Potential exploits occur almost daily, and network security policies and user education only go so far. MRK can help you bridge the gap between your network security solutions and your endpoints.

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Customer Spotlight


MRK is a great fit within the Borchers IT organization. The team is constantly making us aware of new trends, providing guidance on issues that arise and helping to assess solution requirements. We appreciate the flexibility of our engagement with them as well as the trust we have established. With MRK, we know that we won’t have to worry about much of the day-to-day because we know they have it covered.

Jonathan Mortlock

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