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Protect Your Users & Business from Web-based Threats

Innovative Web Security For All

The web is changing every single day. New vulnerabilities are found and exploited all the time. New applications are released daily, and attackers are constantly finding ways to exploit their vulnerabilities and access company networks. With 24x7x365 web and proxy security, you can rest easy knowing that you’re protected from these risks.

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Customer Spotlight


We don’t have a lot of vendors (VARs) here at Hahn Loeser, because there are very few of them that can step up to the high demands that a law firm requires. For over 10 years MRK has consistently exceeded our demands and expectations. They understand what it means to support the customer, and they have proven that on several occasions with Hahn Loeser. The sign of a good vendor, or any company, is not how they treat you when everything goes right, it’s how they treat you when something goes wrong. Rather than just hoping the issue goes away, the MRK team supports us, the customer, and have fought the software / hardware providers on our behalf. This is why we continue to do business with MRK.

Joe Budz
Hahn Loeser & Parks

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