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Enterprise security solutions, from desktop to cloud – and beyond.

Secure your network, lock down your data, and ensure compliance with MRK Technologies.

As business evolves from happening “at work” to happening wherever work happens, the way businesses protect their data has to evolve as well. Gone are the days that IT can deploy standard antivirus, firewalls or malware scanning and call it a day — today IT leaders have to manage an ever-changing array of devices on their network: some owned and managed by the company, and some not. From customized vulnerability scans & assessments to cutting edge practices like deception-based threat detection, IT security is evolving at a pace never seen before, and MRK Technologies is at the forefront.

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MRK regularly makes us aware of new trends and technologies while maintaining an extremely low pressure approach. While we may not always need to purchase the latest and greatest, we enjoy adding to our portfolio of knowledge and appreciate MRK’s long-term approach towards developing our relationship.

Howard Griffith
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