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Building an in-house security team requires a foundation of people, processes and technology that you may not yet have – along with an investment that you may not be prepared to make. 

Count on MRK Managed Security, a suite of solutions designed to monitor, alert and resolve information security threats on a 24/7/365 basis. We serve as a true extension of your internal team, integrating directly with technology that you already own, as well as other major security solutions, to add a new level of protection to your organization.

Ready to experience the MRK difference?

MRK provides traditional MSSP services for monitors and alerts by utilizing the industry-leading LogRhythm cybersecurity suite. However, our efforts extend well beyond the typical approach of other providers. MRK is committed to providing best in class results by fully running out an alert – correlating all available log sources and investigating and running to ground every available detail.

This differentiator provides actionable alerts with details on remediation, containment and response. We provide detailed communication that minimizes your internal team’s effort and provides an expedited path to resolution – no copy and paste tickets, no alerts without context.

Our Services

MRK’s managed security capabilities don’t stop there. Beyond log monitoring, we provide complete, one-stop-shop solutions for many other cybersecurity tools, including vulnerability scanners, end points, EDRs, lateral movement solutions, deception technology, and many more.

This allows you to realize the full benefit of the tools you have invested in, without bearing the costs and risks associated with building-out the same capabilities internally.

Learn more about MRK Managed Security and how we can help you succeed in detecting security threats and establishing comprehensive frameworks to properly defend your organization.

Why Choose MRK Managed Security

Improve network protection and response time

  • Realize the full benefits of your security solutions through consistent monitoring and management
  • Receive actionable alerts with details on remediation, containment and response
  • Onboard new security solutions in days, not months
  • Leverage MRK’s 30+ year track record and wide breadth of knowledge to most effectively defend against a variety of incidents/threats

Keep internal resources focused on more strategic objectives

  • Focus on proactive defense, not event response
  • Reduce defense lapses and knowledge gaps due to employee turnover
  • Maintain peace of mind, knowing that all offerings are backed by MRK CISOs with 15-20 year industry tenures

Utilize best in breed solutions across the tech stack

  • Leverage industry-leading capabilities of the LogRhythm cybersecurity suite, all backed by MRK’s in-depth, comprehensive managed services
  • Benefit from MRK’s established partnerships with other leading security solutions, enjoying seamless product integration, as well as day-to-day management or optimization as needed

Maximize cybersecurity ROI at a fraction of the cost of building in-house

  • Mitigate the time, energy and resources required to recruit, onboard and retain qualified talent
  • Enjoy the wide breadth of knowledge and services provided by a team of 100% full-time, US-based employees working from a secure, US-based facility
  • Benefit from greater flexibility in staffing and ability to scale resources as needed
  • Tailor engagements to meet your specific needs, not cater to in-house capabilities or disparate vendors’ off-the-shelf offerings

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