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Representatives from Hitachi discussed the Social Intelligence Analyzer application for school safety applications. The Social Analyzer Intelligence Analyzer is a cloud-based application that allows public safety, cyber security, and corporate organizations to analyze social media, deep web, and dark web sources to identify threats-in real time.

For school safety, the application helps users get ahead of potential threats by monitoring social media platforms for keywords and specific subject matter that are indicative of danger towards students, faculty, and schools.

Webinar attendees learned more about the following features that enable proactive protection:

  • Automated AlertsReal time alerts about potential threats or situations that allow staff and security to react instantly and effectively 
  • Create social media profiles: Query around schools or entire school districts.  Query on target keywords and phrases and be notified of usage on social media (e.g. address cyber bullying with queries built around specific word searches – hate, kill, suicide, etc.)
  • Peek Allow for real time social media awareness via word cloud based on a specific school or district.  View the most popular words that are currently being used within the geolocation, as well as top authors via their social media handle
  • Historics:  Create a query and run it over the past 30 days to see social media activity around certain keywords
  • Deep Web Search for references about a given school or potential threats via the deep web (non-indexed web sites).  Investigate paste sites, reddit, message boards, petition sites (ex. change.org), etc.
  • People Search:  Deep web search any potential threats towards school employees, PTO, and school board members.  People Search will reveal social media profiles, phone numbers, addresses and any other pertinent information on the deep web.