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Reporting Security to the Board? Here are 4 Steps to Help You Prepare


Four Steps to an Effective Presentation Presenting to a board of directors can be intimidating for anyone, but employing some best practices and a few mental tricks can help you effectively navigate the event while getting the most important information across to stakeholders. According to a recent post by Harvard Law School Forum on Corporate Governance and Financial Regulation, cybersecurity and SEC regulation and enforcement are two of the top 10 concerns for boards in 2019. They will be paying attention to your report, and they’ll need concise, meaningful, and clear information. So, how can you best deliver? Try these four [...]

Reporting Security to the Board? Here are 4 Steps to Help You Prepare2019-04-26T11:39:56-04:00

How to Report Information Security Metrics


You know gathering data and analyzing information security metrics is important. You probably know which ones you should be collecting. But now that you have all of the information you need, how do you put it into an intelligent, understandable, and effective report for stakeholders? There really is no right or wrong way at a granular level, but there are certainly best practices you can keep in mind to make sure you’ve got the right metrics telling the right story to the right people. Creating an Information Security Metric Report Start by defining a problem you’d like to solve or a [...]

How to Report Information Security Metrics2019-04-25T09:27:54-04:00