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The Top 5 Office 365 Security Best Practices for Your Network


Office 365 is a great SaaS product for businesses to manage and maintain their communications all in one place. It’s become a hub for organizations around the world to store emails, important data, and documents, and the amount of information stored in the Office 365 cloud only grows every year. Unfortunately, with more data comes more risk. How confident are you in the security of your Office 365 network? Make no mistake, you don’t necessarily need to be worried about the overall security of Office 365 as a platform. As a whole, security is a major focus for Microsoft — but [...]

The Top 5 Office 365 Security Best Practices for Your Network2019-01-31T09:53:09-04:00

What is Office 365 Conditional Access?


Don’t Leave Your Network Open to Anyone — Set Smart Parameters to Keep the Wrong People Out One of the most common ways that hackers and scammers gain access to businesses’ Office 365 cloud accounts is through a stolen identity. More than 80 percent of data breaches are due to weak credentials, so what are you using as your first line of defense? Without Office 365 conditional access, anyone anywhere can get into your network as long as they have an active username and password. When it comes to protecting your cloud, it’s important that businesses don’t forget to protect their [...]

What is Office 365 Conditional Access?2019-02-14T13:17:53-04:00

Why You Should Use Multi-Factor Authentication Solutions for Office 365


Don’t Leave Your Network Gateway Exposed to Hackers If your organization is using Office 365, you need to have proper security processes in place to ensure that there is a lower risk for a cybersecurity attack. The number of data breaches that occur is growing every year, and organizations can’t trust that they will never be affected. Multi-factor authentication solutions are a strong first step that an organization can take to make sure that their network and information in the cloud aren’t exposed to individuals with malicious intent. Whether you’ve already been using Office 365 or you’re preparing to make the [...]

Why You Should Use Multi-Factor Authentication Solutions for Office 3652019-02-12T15:13:04-04:00