Unstructured Data Protection & Management

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Control Your Data and Business Critical Data

Manage and protect data across the enterprise

Unstructured data lives all over. From on-premise data to cloud-based data stores you need to understand the risk associated with it all, and where there are gaps that may need plugged.

Protecting that data is a smart business practice that helps to safeguard customers, employees, business partners and investors. At MRK, we work with businesses like yours to manage data and align critical business assets with the proper owners, arming you with the information you need to make decisions about access controls and appropriate use.

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Pat Catan’s is particularly appreciative of MRK Tech’s consultative partnership. The MRK Tech team consistently shares critical market and industry insights which is helpful when solving business challenges. When we are in the process of finding solutions to our business problems we know what we are up against because MRK Tech is up on current trends, technologies, and solutions.

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