Log Monitoring & Management

With so many events that pop up on your radar every day, it can be a daunting task to identify the significant events that pose a serious security threat to your IT assets, and then to respond, in real time, before a compromise occurs. It’s a big job—one that might be best-managed by the experts.

Every security appliance, business-critical system, noncritical server and endpoint in your organization generates extensive logs daily. These raw logs must be monitored, analyzed and correlated to filter out false positives in order to identify real security concerns. This requires dedicated, skilled resources to review and interpret these logs and alerts. At MRK, we partner with the industry leader to deliver a turnkey solution that monitors, correlates and analyzes logs and alerts across virtually any security technology. We provide real-time response and offer powerful asset-based reporting for end-to-end coverage that keeps your assets secure from every vantage point, freeing you to manage your business operations.

Log Rhythm

< MRK offers Log Monitoring & Management through Log Rhythm >