Firewall Optimization & Workflow

A dependable firewall is the first defense against data loss and infected workstations. But to be effective, a firewall must be easy to deploy, manage and maintain.

MRK Technologies works with the best in the business to deliver the highest level of protection, only allowing traffic you permit. Only traffic that you specifically allow will pass through. With a host of customizable features and settings, we help create a firewall solution that saves you hours of administrative time and reduces the chance for human error.

Another layer of protection, next generation firewalls (NGFW) are an emerging technology incorporating intrusion prevention and detection features into the firewall. These sophisticated devices protect your organization from advanced threats by performing deep packet inspection and making more granular access decisions based on the full packet payload.

MRK provides you with the NGFW solution that suits your needs: device upgrades and patch management, 24×7 security event, device heath and uptime monitoring and extensive security and compliance reporting.

Secure Works

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