Proxy/Web Security

The worldwide web is a vast and ever-changing landscape.However, the navigation of that space and the protection of your network and users from ensuing threats is a full time effort.  

 MRK Technologies works with the top-tier industry provider to deliver the 24/7 web and proxy security that gives you complete confidence.

The scalable web solution gives you control over your web traffic with robust controls like user authentication, web filtering, data loss prevention, inspection/validation of SSL-encrypted traffic, content caching, bandwidth management, stream-splitting and more.

The proxy feature supports industry-leading anti-malware engines. The ProxyAV, an incline scanning device, analyzes all file downloads from user-authenticated Web 2.0 sites, webmail, file sharing and other delivery methods. It supports four modes of content analysis, which enables you to scan all web traffic for greater protection against potential threats.

Blue Coat

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