Desktop Application Environment

Pat Catan’s is particularly appreciative of MRK Tech’s consultative partnership. The MRK Tech team consistently shares critical market and industry insights which is helpful when solving business challenges. When we are in the process of finding solutions to our business problems we know what we are up against because MRK Tech is up on current trends, technologies and solutions.
-Jim Petkunas, VP Technology, Pat Catan’s

MRK Technologies delivers desktop management and network security solutions that boost efficiency, improve performance

In today’s increasingly mobile world end users in most every industry seek mobility and flexibility, with the freedom to access their desktops, applications and data anytime, from anywhere, on any device. Similarly, businesses are facing the challenge of supporting that ever-growing and diverse base of user devices, operating systems and applications.

Responding to that need, MRK Technologies helps organizations cost-effectively configure, manage and maintain desktops and end-point devices for all users. We provide fail-proof data security and smart network management solutions that help you minimize management time and cost, while delivering a simple, fast and reliable desktop experience.