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Let Us Own Your Security Problems

Top security resources are difficult to find, and even more difficult to retain. Consulting firms don’t understand your business, have limited face-time, and regularly change out resources … often giving your work to the most junior team members.

MRK believes in a different approach. A highly experienced, locally-based CISO becomes a member of your team. Less expensive and easier to retain than hiring top talent in-house, they are responsible for delivering on projects, moving the needle on security and being readily available to your team in times of crisis …not simply pointing the finger at where gaps lie.


Decades of Security Experience, Integrated Into Your Team

With MRK you don’t just get recommendations and security product suggestions, you get direct access to the collective expertise and experience of our seasoned information security professionals. Our CISO’s have decades of real world expertise in the security industry. Unlike many other firms, we don’t utilize junior level staff consultants – only security veterans.

Relationships matter, which is why at MRK, we want to be part of your team. We get to know the members of the team we are working for and build relationships with those individuals. With many of our clients, there has been a relationship for multiple years – we even make house calls when needed.

Our cybersecurity experts work with you, hand in hand, to fully understand your business, your infrastructure, and your IT setup to create and support an information security practice that is ideal for your needs now and built to scale and grow with you.

CISO For Hire

Have you struggled to fill the CISO role in your organization?  Is it impossible to justify having one full-time? One of our CISO’s will become an ongoing part of your team responsible for developing security strategy, executing on projects, advising you on the latest security developments, and helping to mentor your team on security.

Threat Intelligence Program

Traditionally, security programs have tried to build walls to keep ANY attacker out. Today, it is far more efficient to identify the threats you actually face and focus efforts around responding to them.

MRK will help you develop an entire program tailored to the needs and resources of your organization. MRK will train your team on intelligence gathering, create Indicator of Compromise (IoC) triggers and develop Program Deliverables that can be implemented by MRK or by your own team.

Incident Response Tabletop

Is your team prepared for a data breach? If not, let us help.

MRK has helped clients to simulate large breaches through tabletop exercises. These efforts will involve players from within IT as well as key players in legal, corporate communications, and other areas likely to be involved in an actual response. Teams will be stretched past their comfort zone and learn a tremendous amount about how the organization will actually respond in the event of a large breach and how to prepare to handle it better.

Security Operations Assessment

MRK developed the Security Operations Assessment for organizations that have purchased one or more security tools without fully developing or documenting the process to use them. The exercise takes an enterprise-wide review of security operations, including security tools, operational procedures and baseline security operations posture. Our CISO team will recommend improvements, including standard operating procedures, security and monitoring tools, and everything needed for successful implementation.

Risk Assessment

Our CISO team will take an enterprise-wide look at your security practices and provide a strategic assessment and scorecard of how you stack up. In addition to the assessment you’ll receive a heatmap of identified risks and a complete security plan prepared by our team working alongside yours. This planning process is highly collaborative and will provide actionable project plans that account for your budget and other demands of your team members

Customized Solution

The majority of MRK’s business is unique and customized for our clients. Are you struggling with how to demonstrate value to your board from security efforts? Is the lack of security on growing process control networks keeping you up at night? Have you struggled with how to properly prepare your organization for GDPR? Bring us your unique security problems, and we’ll happily build a solution tailored to your needs.

Customer Spotlight


We have a very good partnership with the team at MRK. They routinely make us aware of new trends and emerging solutions that I know we otherwise wouldn’t be in a position to find on our own. Working with other Ohio-based businesses is important to us, and we are lucky to have as knowledgeable a partner as MRK in our backyard.

Kevin O'Callaghan
Ohio CAT

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