About MRK Technologies, A TruWest Company

TruWest Company

TruWest is a national holding company with multiple divisions located throughout the United States. The Company is comprised of synergistic divisions that enable collective success by leveraging industry expertise, process and technology. Revered as a leader for its market strength, aggressive growth and performance, and leading-edge innovation, TruWest continues to drive the IT industry benchmark standard in operational excellence and profitability.

TruWest delivers the ultimate advantage through these innovative service providers:

  • MRK: consolidate, collaborate, report— with secure mobile connectivity
    In-network integrity and security, mobile device management, data collaboration and storage, reporting, and disaster recovery.
  • TRG: improve operational efficiency, reduce downtime, boost profits
    Reliable, leading-edge barcode scanners and printers, POS terminals, wireless devices, as well as certified refurbished and certified repaired equipment.
  • Optim: optimize IT function, customize solutions, manage assets
    End-to-end hardware configuration, installation, repair and deployment services for companies ranging from one user to multiple sites nationwide.

IT expertise and innovation that drives results.

For more than 30 years, MRK Technologies has set the standard for leadership, excellence and performance in the IT industry. Focused on innovative, adaptive IT infrastructure solutions, we strategically align our services and product mix with emerging technologies. This allows us to address business enablement initiatives, implement cost reduction strategies, and successfully meet stringent compliance requirements for our customers.

MRK’s premier client list includes organizations across the following vertical markets:

Our ability to adapt and customize our business strategy to the rapidly growing technology industry is invaluable, as we continue to expand our product line and capabilities to better serve the needs of existing and emerging clients. MRK assists our customers in aligning IT and business initiatives, and enabling PCI, SOX, and HIPAA compliance.

The premier reseller in the Northeast, MRK is proud to be recognized as the number-one reseller for technology industry leaders, including Riverbed, SecureWorks, Passlogix, and Sophos.

MRK Technologies is a division of TruWest Company.